Macworld SF 2007


Here we are a day after Macworld San Francisco and everyone is weighing in on the latest and greatest from Apple. After everything was said and done, Steve released 3 products:

– Apple iPhone – at first this product looked like the “holy grail”, but now it just seems like an awesome phone and NOT an awesome phone + iPod. But, I’m quite sure I’ll end up buying one of these bad boys in the next next 9-12 months, once they get to Asia.

– Apple TV – i still don’t see the value of this product, if you have space for this product, why not drop another USD 300 and get a full blown mac mini. Yes, this product has component video output, but if you are gonna pimp out your TV room wouldn’t you be using HDMI anyway?

– Improved AirPort Extreme base station. Has the new 802.11n spec + a/b/g compatible. Has a new case that has the same footprint as the mac mini and Apple TV product.

What was missing? New displays, iLife 07, iWork 07, new iPods and Leopard.

Happy New Year

logo_india_poised.jpgHappy New Year to everyone. 2006 was definitely a big year for me and expecting 2007 to be bigger.

Woke up this morning and saw the logo to the left plastered all over the Times of India. It’s a new marketing campaign launched by the Times Group to get everyone jazzed about India Inc. India got a lot of press coverage in 2006 and with this campaign they want to keep the momentum going, personally if the Sensex rises another 48% this year, they won’t have to have a marketing campaign – money talks.