Beamer vs. Bovine

I’m finally getting around to posting some pics from India. The one to the left just describes what India is like, the clash of the old with the new. I’ve always said in America if you have tons of money you still have to drive your own car and potentially clean your dishes. In India you face different issues, no matter how much money you have there is a potential for someone to piss on your bungalow compound wall or a cow grazing next to your BMW. Just saw my first Ferrari inIndia, and a 360 Spider no less. In the States it goes for about USD $200k, in India you get the opportunity to slap an additional 105% for the import duty. I saw this Ferrari in Koregaon Park in Pune, known for the Osho International Commune. The roads are crap in Pune and having this car stuck in first gear must be frustrating as hell. Enough about cars. I realized that this country tries to over employ people in certain areas and under employ in others. Case in point, it seems every lift/elevator has a guy that presses the button for you. Excuse me, but these lifts are easy as [email protected]#$ to operate and not sure what value Mr. Nataraj adds, in fact he is taking up valuable space. Then on the flipside, roads are dug up very quickly but when it comes time to fix them, the people are nowhere to be found. Latest news in India is that Amitabh Bachchan is going to be released from the hospital soon. Since he went into the hospital many things have been written about him, such as how most of Bollywood at one point wrote him off and his company had to file for bankrupty. Then all of a sudden things turned around for him and right now is the biggest box office draw in Bollywood next to this son Abhishek. Reminds me of John Travolta and how Pulp Fiction turned around his stalled career.

Hit song in India: Let the Music Play by Shamur (yes, it’s available on p2p networks).

And finally the pics: Nikita and Rusit’s Wedding. Not the best pics but in some of them you can see the dance I was a part of for the sangeet, dancing to the title track of Salaam Namaste
Random pics from India
Thanksgiving in India. Dinner with a bunch of friends I met in Bombay
StarCruise in India

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