Bloom Bloom Wow

It’s official, Bloom Energy has revealed what it has been working on for the past 8 years…and it looks impressive. KR Sridhar the co-founder of Bloom Energy previewed the Bloom Box on Sunday on 60 Minutes.  I happened to be watching a DVR’d version of it on Monday and was blown away by it. If it lives up to the hype then its a game changer for the world.

Something that caught my attention was the fact you won’t need to be on the electrical grid if you have a Bloom Box.  Applying that logic here in India, that would be HUGE.  Since the electrical grid in India is missing most of the time or if you are on the grid the grid is not on.  Think I’m kidding, my dad’s village in India get’s about 10 hours of electricity a day…in this day and age. And sadly that is pretty much the story all over India.

The Bloom Box could transform India and solve its age old power crisis.  Of course, that would also mean many companies that are building power plants are gonna get body slammed in the process.

So where did Bloom Energy come from? That is an interesting story and slowly being told. To get over USD 400 million in venture financing and stay under the radar for 8 years does not happen often.  As far as their first customer Google, not really surprising since the VC firm KPCB backed both Bloom Energy and Google. The lead partner John Doerr I’m sure worked his magic to get several Bloom Boxes to the Googleplex.

So what’s with the title of the post? Think of the song “Boom Boom Pow” by Black Eyed Peas.

UPDATE: Kudos to Bloom’s PR agency for blanketing every medium to get the word out. 60 Minutes interview, Times of India coverage, Engadget live blogging the event…

UPDATE2: It appears Bloom Energy has 2 developmental offices in India, one in Bangalore and another in Bombay . The one in Bombay is located in Vikhroli which is a Northeastern suburb.

Financial Terrorism Now Playing

If you have been following this blog for the past 4 years while I’ve been living in Bombay, you know I rarely cover two topics – India’s movie industry (aka Bollywood) and Indian politics.  However, when the two collide it creates a chemical reaction that the media can’t ignore nor I.

My Name Is Khan, the newest film by Bollywood’s biggest star Shah Rukh Khan (SRK), ran into some turbulence this week in Bombay because of the dirty politics played by the Shiv Sena. Let’s rewind a bit.

SRK who is a part owner in the cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders said he would not mind having Pakistani’s players on this team. Agreed, with the terror attack on Nov. 26 in Bombay it’s a sore subject for many but the Shiv Sena, took an extreme view of his comments.  The Shiv Sena flew into action and did what they are good at – scare people and disrupt the flow of things.  The Shiv Sena threatened to block his new movie and damage the property of the theater owners.

This is not the first time this has happened, the Shiv Sena pulled the same sh#& with a film by Karan Johar (KJ) and sadly KJ had to say sorry to the Shiv Sena leadership team…weak. That’s the issue, the Shiv Sena knows that millions are on the line and can extort people and force their version of terrorism on the film industry. This time the industry and more importantly SRK, told the Shiv Sena to get lost and as usual the Shiv Sena’s threat of violence was all bark.  Of course, the PR machine of the Shiv Sena was telling anyone that listened that they were successful in their efforts. I’m still trying to figure out how the Shiv Sena keeps score.

The latest stunt by the Shiva Sena is just another in a long list of things that will make anyone shake their head in disgust. They are focused on all the wrong things because to tackle the real issues would be too much work.

Their stance on past issues:

  • Valentine’s day should not be celebrated since it’s not our culture
  • All taxi drivers should speak the local language – Marathi
  • SJ’s movie “Wake Up Side” – should be banned because they call the city Bombay, not Mumbai
  • All BMC/MCGM (governing body of Mumbai) correspondence should be conducted in Marathi

As you can see, the above are all VERY critical issues and much more important then some of the real issues affecting Bombay – poverty, water shortages, electricity blackouts, etc…

On a side note, I think part of SRK’s success in standing up to the Shiv Sena can goto Twitter (he tweets at @iamsrk). It gave SRK an unfiltered and real-time communication channel with his audience. I’d love to see the Shiv Sena use Twitter, oh wait it’s not part of their culture and Twitter currently does not have a localization for Marathi!