Phantoms and Phones

essar_phantom.pngThe Ruia brothers Shashi and Ravi run the Essar Group which is a USD 4 billion diversified group. Lately, they have been getting a lot of attention for their telecommunications portfolio. First, was the drawn out battle for Hutch and whether they would stay – there are. Secondly, the have entered the retail segment with stores that carry only mobile phones and accessories in a single store format, the stores are called The Mobile Store. Today, I was passing by the Mahalaxmi Racecourse and saw a Rolls Royce Phantom, decked out with advertising for The Mobile Store. Tacky very much so, but attention grabbing. Essar Trivia – The name Essar is derived from the first letter of the two brothers names – Shashi and Ravi.


Mac Home Theater Setup

home_theater_icon.pngThe time has finally arrived where my home theater setup is complete…well sorta (which I’ll get to in a bit). I had a couple design criteria that were different from most other setup’s that I have seen. The first is when it was not being used it had to be hidden because the Bombay dust is a killer and secondly I did NOT want a receiver. The cabinet was custom made and the front of the doors have glass so you can actually write on it with a dry-erase pen (why? don’t ask). Next I was going to use the Mac mini as the center of the system, but I felt we are so close to a Mac mini revision I decided to wait and use my PowerBook G4 for the moment. As I mentioned I didn’t want a receiver because the apartment is a bit small and having some massive 1000 watt amplifier driving 7 speakers would have made it insanely loud. Instead I opted for the Bose Companion 5 which has a small base module and two speakers, yeah I miss out on 5.1 or 7.1, but I’ve had a Bose AM-5 and AM-7 and felt I never fully used them. The Mac is hooked up to a Sony Bravia KLV-40S200A, the TV is great and it looks awesome when connected to the Mac. Below are some pics, I’ve also included the DisplayConfigX settings.


Crickets Chirping?

sony_bravia.gifYeah, those are crickets chirping in the background, not because there is nothing happening but because it seems everything is happening.  We just moved into our new flat and have been busy with all the fun stuff associated with that.  Such as calling the internet guy 5 times, getting the appliances installed, going to a million stores to buy 3 things, etc…

Hopefully, once we get out internet connection going (yeah waiting for the guy to come a 6th time) I can start blogging on a more frequent basis. And yes, that a picture of  some gadget porn – 2 brand spanking new Bravia’s just waiting to be installed…

Turbulence at 10 feet

laun.jpg One of the guys in my office talked about this plane he saw over the weekend in Bombay, I assumed it had reached it’s destination.

“Some residents said they had not complained simply because they assumed that the authorities would be making it a priority to get the plane out of the city. Five days on, it is still not clear who is responsible for the aircraft and its transfer to Delhi.”

The above paragraph just sums up the apathy of some people in Bombay.

Link to BBC article