Olive in South Bombay

The much talked about Olive opened up it’s newest location in South Bombay – at the Mahalaxmi Race Course to … More

A Phoenix rises from LTCM

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iPhone 2.0

I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone to the new 2.0 release and it is worth every penny…oh wait … More

Club 272

Club 272 is not some new club in India, but it’s the number of MP’s that the UPA government needs … More

Portfolio Strategy

The current financial meltdown may not be the best time to talk about asset allocation since most people don’t want … More

Feeling Down?

Someone emailed me yesterday and asked “why does your blog have such a negative angle on India?”  Part of me … More

Ridham and Blues

Ridham Desai, MD of Morgan Stanley India, has been appearing on the financial networks lately talking about the Sensex correcting by … More

Online Collaboration

It’s official we are heading back to the mainframe model, with a dumb terminal (now called a web browser) and the … More