Olive in South Bombay

The much talked about Olive opened up it’s newest location in South Bombay – at the Mahalaxmi Race Course to be exact. Getting to Olive is something of an adventure once you enter the Race Course property, its tucked into the northeast corner and the area is not paved but the upside is it has AMPLE parking. There is no awning at the entrance so during the monsoons you’ll get soaked entering the place and get to experience that again when you leave. Lastly, since it’s located near horse stables you get a slight smell from the horses. That’s the extent of the negatives the rest is all positive.

Once you are inside Olive it really is “charming” as the menu describes itself, great execution of minimalism. The food which is mainly mediterranean/italian cuisine was excellent and the restaurant staff was polite but a bit too pushy as they wanted to clear every plate every 5 minutes. People may come for the food but they stay for the people watching. I’m guessing the outdoor bar/dining area is going to be the place to be seen for quite sometime.  The crowd had a mix of urban professionals, family money, players and posers. All in all a great addition to South Bombay.

Overall: Great food, good location (for some), ample parking, the new “it” place, average meal around Rs 2000.

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