Mumbai Murcielago Mystery

Spotting a Lamborghini LP640 in India is about as common as seeing Halley’s Comet. The LP640 is the big bull in the Lamborghini stable, in India the car goes for about Rs. 3 CR (about USD 750,000).  So imagine how I felt when I heard one of these beauties got into a major accident in Bombay sometime in May 2008.

The funny part is that NO ONE seems to know anything about it.  This is surprising in a country where the press likes to describe in excrutiating detail the movements of anybody with money. So I find it hard to believe that an LP640 gets demolished on a public road and everyone seems to be clueless on who owns the car or what really happened.

UPDATE: Aug 19, 2008 – The car was owned by Hitesh Bhagat, his grandfather Kalyanji brought matka gambling to Bombay in 1962 and was referred to as the “Matka King.” Matka is a form of gambling that he popularized. Hitesh’s father Suresh was killed last month in an apparent move to take over the family business, Hitesh is a suspect in the killing as is his mother…drama!

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