Rebooting the Computer Platform

whatsappWintel has been dominating desktop computers since the early 80’s. Never heard of Wintel? Wintel = Windows + Intel. The combination of software from Microsoft and the CPU from Intel powered the desktop computer revolution. The saying used to be, what Intel giveth (in increased computing power), Windows taketh (their crappy software would slow down the computer). Here we are in 2014 and people are still using Windows XP and when they download something, they have no clue where the file is. You almost need a PhD in forensic science to find the file.

No matter what Windows does, it just can’t compete with new platforms like iOS and Android that have been built from scratch. Windows has too much legacy attached to it and they have tried several times to make a run at tablets and phones but have never succeeded. I’m really glad to see the Wintel platform being challenged by smartphones and tablets. If you look at the average user of a computer they are mostly consuming content or typing out emails to friends and family. For them a desktop/laptop computer is a bit like having everyone drive an F1 car to get around…it’s overkill. With the advent of the smartphone and tablet it allows most users to consume content in a very easy to use manner.

I got my first personal computer (PC) in 1984 and it was an IBM PC. For the past 30 years I’ve been hearing my mom tell me she’s going to learn the computer and till this day she hasn’t. However, she just got an Android phone and has started to use WhatsApp. Baby steps, but I’m sure within a year she will start to consume news from websites and potentially start using her Gmail account that was created when she got her Android phone.

In India, WhatsApp is like a gateway drug to many other things available on the internet. Once people get hooked, they start looking for more and more things to do on their phone and tablet. Even my driver was asking me what Samsung Android phone he should buy. I asked him what he wants to do with the phone. His response – WhatsApp, what else is there to do.

A Decade of Blogging

10-years-blogging-toprankYes, it’s been 520 weeks since I started blogging at What is more surprising is growing up I HATED to write. Back in grade school if I had to write a book report, I would have rather been cut by 1,000 paper cuts then write one word about My Friend Flicka. Somewhere along the way I got into the groove of writing and here I am 128,000 words and 468 blog posts later. Which averages out to about a blog post every 8 days, over the past 2-3 years I’ve slowed down to a blog post every month…focusing on quality over quantity.

What started out as a way to share my pictures online turned into a online version of dear diary. Most people have two questions for me: 1. Why the hell do you write 2. How many people visit your blog.

I write because it allows me to shape my thoughts more clearly and in the process helps hone my grammatical skillz (haha, just kidding – skills). In the process, I have met many people because of this blog and have been able to share ideas with them. It’s just another way to connect with people.

As far as pageviews, I currently have no idea. About 3 or 4 years ago I deleted Google Analytics which allowed me to track visitors, pageviews and 100’s of other metrics. I decided I didn’t care if people read what I wrote. Deep down I wanted to write about what I wanted to write about. And it’s the best advice I give to people when they say “I want to start a blog”, I tell them write about stuff you really care about and don’t worry about the metrics.

When I started 10 years ago, I had no idea that blogging would take off or that I would be writing 10 years later. Do I have any big plans for the future? No. I plan to continue writing about things that excite me, intrigue me and educate me. If you are interested in starting a blog, I would give you the following pieces of wisdom:

  1. Write about things you really care about
  2. Be consistent – I see people start a blog and write every day then after a month they completely stop
  3. Don’t worry about the metrics
  4. What’s the worst outcome? You will improve your grammar skills

Here’s to another 520 weeks of blogging!

P.S. The 128,000 words I’ve written works out to almost 3 full-length novels.