Flashback Friday

20 years ago today the financial markets saw the largest one-day percentage decline in Dow Jones history, aka Black Monday. … More

Indian Market Update

I was at the gym Tuesday night when the ticker flashed on CNBC-18 – “SEBI issues a report on P-Notes.” … More


I’m hooked onto Yet Another Google Service (YAGS)…this one is GrandCentral. It’s a phone service that is essentially a call … More

Online Robbery

I routinely joke that Indians are bad at math, because the rates that people pay for financial products here in … More

iPhone on Airtel

After buying the iPhone at the Fifth Avenue store in NYC, I finally got around to unlocking it so it … More

2 years in India

On Oct 1, 2005, I was on a flight to India for a 6 month business trip. Fast forward to … More