I’m hooked onto Yet Another Google Service (YAGS)…this one is GrandCentral. It’s a phone service that is essentially a call router. You get a new number from GrandCentral and then you configure the service to call up to 3 other phones. I first thought it was a Skype replacement but in fact it’s not. You actually need Skype or a working US phone. My biggest complaint about Skype is that when someone leaves a voicemail i won’t get notified until I login, they really should just shoot you an email. With GrandCentral if someone leaves me a voicemail i get notified right away.  Also, during the beta test calls are free in the US. I really see this service being useful if you have 10-15 phone numbers all over the US and want them to aggregate back into one.  Which is similar to how I use gmail, I have 4-5 accounts that all collapse back into my main gmail.com account.

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