What I learned in 2008

As I’ve said before, 2008 was a year to forget.  In 2008, I learned that a “Triple A” rated financial … More

Happy Holidays

A bit delayed – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. I’m sure many of you are ready to put … More

Satyam Stumbles

Okay, Satyam not only stumbles but it falls flat on its face. Tuesday after the Indian equity markets closed Satyam … More

Maddog Madoff

Why is this guy smiling? Because he just made the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest ponzi scheme in history. … More

Rolling on 2.7

Hey kids, I just upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7. You most likely won’t notice anything different as most of … More

Make or Break for India

Business Week has a pretty good story on how the Mumbai terror attacks might affect business in India.  I’ve said … More

Lost in Translation

Who would have thought after 60 hours of terror in Bombay we would be laughing so soon.  One of the … More