Maddog Madoff

bernie_madoffWhy is this guy smiling? Because he just made the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest ponzi scheme in history. Bernie Madoff is the brains guy behind the USD 50 billion scam that has left everyone speechless.  I was out of town when I first heard about it and was furiously checking my phone for updates, it’s like watching a 50 car pile-up…of Ferrari’s…holy fu!#@!!  Where were the auditors, where was the due diligence, where were the ex-traders and most important where was the SEC while all this was going down over the past decade? But the biggest question, who was the guy responsible for randomly generating the monthly performance number?

Rye Select November 2008 performance numbers

Some of the clients who are getting lumps of coal in their stockings for Christmas

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