If anyone can do it Reliance can

The latest international edition of Newsweek has a good article on Mukesh Ambani, the business half of the Ambani brothers. …”Reliance has all but secured 150 square kilometers of largely farm land east of Mumbai at prices, Anand Jain, Mukeshs’ right hand man, estimates at 1/1000th those in downtown Mumbai. The government holds some equity in the projects, but as a largely “silent” partner, and has already approved Reliance’s detailed plans for both new cities, says Ambani. “If you would have asked me five years ago if a project like this was possible I would have said no.”
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Mumbai Mayhem

As you probably heard, Bombay was hit by 7 explosions on the local trains, which are the life-line of the city. I was in the office at the time and looked up to the TV’s at around 6:45pm, and they were talking about potential bombs going off at various train stations. Within 30 minutes, the entire cell network were jammed and people couldn’t get through and then panic ensued. The bombs hit the Western Railways which is the busiest of the 3 lines in Bombay, the trains in Bombay carry an average of 6.1 million people a day. After the bombs went off, the entire Western Railway line was shut and stranded many people. I heard people taking 5-6 hours to get home. I was planning to head home around 11pm but near where I stay in Sion, is one of the hospitals that had the most influx of patients. Hence, the road around the hospital was jammed and people told me not to make the commute from town-side (South Bombay) to Sion. It was yet another adventure packed day for people in Bombay, it’s been a crazy 10 days for many people. Last Monday and Tuesday the city was shutdown b/c of rains. Then on Friday the power went out to the building. On Saturday, I traveled to Pune for the weekend and was planning to come back on Sunday, but Bombay was paralyzed b/c of riots from the Shiv Sena. So I headed to Bombay on Monday. And then Tuesday end with the bombs. Bottomline, I’m fine and all my relatives, friends and co-workers are safe. BBC Radio had a brief interview of me.
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For the latest – ibnlive.com (CNN’s India news venture)

Ugly bride gets sued

My friend Anish sent me this link and at first I was like whatever till I read it, and it was hilarious – read it: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0706061uglybride1.html “…Claiming that the bride in an arranged marriage was too homely for his son, a Massachusetts man is suing friends who sought to set up the New Delhi nuptials. In his lawsuit, Dr. Vijai Pandey contends that he traveled with his family to India to meet his 37-year-old son Pranjul’s future wife, but was “extremely shocked” to discover that the woman was “ugly,” had “protruded bad teeth,” and could not speak English or hold a conversation.” Ouch.