iPhone on Airtel

After buying the iPhone at the Fifth Avenue store in NYC, I finally got around to unlocking it so it works in India on the Airtel network. When I was in NYC I used the AT&T prepaid service for a couple of weeks and the phone is great. It has a slick interface and definitely has a high sizzle factor.

I was able to unlock the phone with instructions provided on the web (with some help from a cousin), but it ain’t for the faint of heart. If FTP, SSH or BSD sound like scary acronyms then I suggest you stay away from doing this on your own.

Apple is telling people that unlocking the phone is a no-no. I can see their viewpoint, if the reports are true then Apple earns 10% of the revenue generated from an iPhone user. So if the user has an unlocked phone, they can use any network and Apple is cut out of that revenue stream. It ain’t personal it’s business.

I love that pic of the NYC store – Mac’s and Murcielago’s. The other pic compares the BlackBerry Pearl to the iPhone.

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