Online Collaboration

It’s official we are heading back to the mainframe model, with a dumb terminal (now called a web browser) and the mainframe machine (now called cloud computing). It’s hard to believe the computer wonks at IBM had it right the first time around. It seems as my laptop gets more powerful, I’m pushing more of my applications to the cloud.  The biggest one so far has been Gmail, I was a die-hard fan of Outlook/Entourage but gave into the Googleplex.  

Recently, I was looking for an online content collaboration tool. I looked at a couple open source apps but stumbled upon a company offering an online tool that was surprisingly based out of Bombay. 

It’s similar to BaseCamp but way better, if you have remote teams working on different projects or need a way to track your work within the office this works way better then trying to share an Excel sheet. And of course since it’s online the data is always backed up.

I’m convinced in another year I won’t have any use for my laptop and will use my iPhone since everything will be in the cloud.


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