Gandhi video causing an uproar

The Times of India has a front page article about the above video causing an outrage with the Indian government, in particular the I&B (Information and Broadcasting) Ministry. So much so they want to ban YouTube, hahahahaha. I love how these officials throw around such retarded ideas, first they wanted to ban Orkut (unsuccessfully), then they shutdown for a couple days till the outrage was unbearable. Then there was the Google Earth episode, where the government wanted Google to stop photographing India because of terrorism issues, which is a valid point. But then a couple weeks ago Bombay had a major pre-planned water outage to fix some water pipes and they printed out the ENTIRE map of the water supply system of Bombay in the Times of India, doh!!

Anyways the video is lame, it’s done by Gautham Prasad a comedian by profession.

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