Excellent reports on Indian politics

Kotak Securities which is known more for it’s corporate equity research has partnered with the newspaper Business Standard to produce a great two part PDF report on the overall political landscape of India.  It’s almost like a “Indian Political 101” reference document that highlights some of the key political movers and shakers within the Indian government.

Part 1 has people such as Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and Murli Deora the Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas. Cabals and Kings Part 1 (PDF, 680KB, 56 pages)

Part 2 covers people like Amar Singh, Mamata Banerjee (of Tata Nano/Singur fame) and has a primer on the Indian political framework. Cabals and Kings Part 2 (PDF, 636KB, 48 pages)

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