India: Day 19

It’s been awhile since my previous entry on India, which is directly related to the fact i’ve been fairly busy with work. The weekend was crazy, staying out till 4am and eating food from street vendors, not a recommended idea but it was damn fun. The newest club in Bombay is located in Bandra called Squeeze, and the place is off the hook. One of the factors i use to judge a good place in India is whether the air conditioning is working and this place must be located on a massive 60ton unit b/c it was cold inside. Aside from that, the place had the highest concentration of beautiful indian women i have seen so far. As with most places in Bombay you have to be in the know and get on the guestlists or you will be left outside to kick it with the numerous stray dogs.
Got a bunch of pictures I have to still upload to the blog from a couple movie sets we saw while in Bombay. The upcoming movie called “Blockbuster” “Autograph” ( info) featuring Abhishek Bachan and Priyanka Chopra (pic on the left) was being filmed by the office where we are working in Mahalaxmi. As far as cars are concerned, holy s!## I saw quite a few amazing cars and considering the import duties range from 100-150%, having any car north of USD 100k means you are the man. We rolled up to the Oberoi (now called Hilton Towers) and saw 1 of probably only 4 Bentley Flying Spurs in the country, cost in india – USD $380k. Other cars I have seen as of late BMW 645Ci droptop, H2, S55, Rolls Royce Phantom and a couple 911’s. Saw the new 911 Carrera S zipping down Marine Drive, i’m pretty sure that driver knocked over 10-15 people in the process of going from 0-100Km. Have not seen a Ferrari yet, but I’m told it’s only a matter of time before i see one.

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