Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali, This was the first Diwali for me in India and it’s similar to Christmas in the States – shopping, holidays and a festive atmosphere. However, with the bomb blasts in New Delhi the festive mood was a bit muted. The one big difference is that during Diwali they let off firecrackers and holy crap some of them are so loud and powerful it makes me wonder if I’m in Bombay or Baghdad. For Diwali, i left Bombay and headed to Pune (old school: Poona) where 95% of my relatives live. Monday night had a big dinner and met most of my relatives and yes the number one question was………when are you getting married? not surprising. On Tuesday we had Laxmi puja at my uncles factory, Laxmi is the goddess of money so of course we all participated in it. The rest of the week is all about rest, relaxation and eating food – as is most of the country. Once I get back to Bombay on Sunday it will be back to work and also the beginning of the wedding season. For November, I’ve been invited to 3 weddings and I’m also throwing a massive b-day (Nov 20th) party for myself in Pune with all my relatives. more info on Diwali

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