Tipping Point in India?

After being here for 6 weeks all the talk and newspaper articles seem to center on taking India to the next level – massive capital infusion into real estate, technology, retail, etc… But, after reading “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, I personally think they need to look at how New York transformed its subway system via small steps that led to big changes. When i first got here I was saying “what this country needs is to fix the infrastructure” – most of my cousins said “no shit”, thanks for the insight now jump on a plane and get back to the US. Roads, electricity and improved public transportation are a few of the items needed, but honestly the politicians will talk all day while nothing gets done. So what type of small things: clean the buses, clean the roads, paint everything to make it look new, etc… The one remark I hear time and again from people is how OTHER cities and countries are so clean and beautiful. It’s never “wow, the balance sheets of those foreign companies are great” it invariable is “man, the air is so clean” or “the city is so clean and orderly.” Don’t get me wrong part of the charm of India is the way it is. But like I mentioned many people are talking about taking India to the next level and that might simply mean cleaning up its act and nothing else.

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