I've had it with India

If I hear Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69 one more time I’m gonna jump on a plane and head back to the States. Yes, I understand some songs are classics but to hear that song at the club and at the gym is a bit much. But, in India he is God, he’s got a concert lined up for Feb 2006. Last night went to the JW Marriott in Juhu for what was billed as the “hip hop event of the year” featuring the Los Angeles based group Flipsyde. Uh, I have never heard of these guys and I live 15 minutes from LA, but then again I’m not a music exec that tracks every group. One of my todo’s in India was to ride a local train, to get a sense of what people face when commuting in India. I was able to check that off the list last night as the place was packed and was a scene. Finally got into the venue, had a beer and left after 30 minutes. One of the questions I’ve been getting is “are the clubs in India like what I see in Indian movies?” The answer is yes. Just like the shows the OC and Beverly Hills 90210 are what the typical American high school student faces.

Saw this in the paper this morning on the brand “FCUK”. It was originally called French Connection and based in the United Kingdom. Then they expanded their sales office to Hong Kong and to differentiate the various sales office they used the initials FCUK and FCHK on the faxes. The story goes that an ad exec got a fax from the UK branch and noticed the initials “FCUK” on the top and thought it would be a great marketing campaign…the rest is history.

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