Happy Holi

I celebrated my first Holi in India and it was pretty cool. I went to Lonavla with a cousin of mine and threw colored powder at each other…yeah it sounds really lame but it’s a great way to get back at people under the guise of an Indian tradition that goes back thousands of years!! Holi is an annual Hindu spring festival, predominantly celebrated in North India and Nepal. It takes place over two days around late March or early April. As per the Hindu calendar, it falls on the last day on the month of Phalgun, which is a Purnima (or Pooranmashi, Full Moon), and on the first day of Chaitra. It is a celebration also of the Hindu New Year, as Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu Year. It is also called the Festival of Colour. Pics from Holi More info on Holi from Wikipedia

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