Budget is out and so is the commentary

The budget was announced on Tuesday morning and all eyes were glued to CNBC-18 and NDTV, who were providing live coverage of the Finance Minister P. Chidambaram who went through some of the highlights. Over the next 24 hours, all the financial research houses sent out their reports on the impact of the budget. I’ve collected 11 such reports for you to review. Mostly all are the same: more than 20 pages, broken down by sector and can cure insomnia. This time I didn’t get a chance to read any of the PDF’s, hopefully some of you can download them and provide feedback via the comments section.
Motilal Oswal [940k, 40 pages]
Merrill Lynch [272k, 11 pages]
Man Financial [208k, 26 pages]
Ernst & Young [812k, 74 pages]
citigroup [172k, 11 pages]
Kotak [216k, 32 pages]
ICICI Bank [84k, 9 pages]
CRISIL [768k, 119 pages]
CLSA [280k, 25 pages]
BRICS [204k, 29 pages]
Ask RJ [116k, 18 pages] Sharekhan [364k, 59 pages]

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