Time for a movie deal?

The controversy seems to be getting louder around Kaavya and her “internalizations.” You know its time to bail when someone like Salman Rushdie weighs in on the topic. According to CNN-IBN (India’s CNN), he is quoted as saying “The passages are too many and the similarities are too extensive. And I’m sorry that this young girl, pushed by the needs of a publishing machine and, no doubt, by her own ambition, should have fallen into this trap so early in her career.” Personally, this story has all the right elements for a movie, not sure about a big screen debut but maybe an ABC after school special. I got a couple e-mails saying I was just jealous of her and blah, blah, blah. The only thing that gets me about the whole thing is not the “internalizations”, but how she painted the picture that although Opal had a whole system down to get into Harvard, she personally did not. That’s bull$!$#, she hired probably one of the most expensive services around to “package” her for college – Ivywise. I’ve heard numbers as high as USD 20,000. Gotta love her quote from Forbes magazine (June 7, 2004) about Ivywise – “They take all the raw material and help you put it together in the way that an admissions officer is going to be most impressed by.”

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