Bombay Burrp!

Looking for unbiased restaurant and club reviews in Bombay? Then Burrp! is the answer. The guys that came up with the idea probably felt the same way I felt a year ago when I first got to Bombay. Currently, there are loosely 3 ways to get information on restaurant reviews:
1. TimeOut Mumbai – However, I find the reviews highly biased and more focused on the up market segment
2. Newspaper – this is even more biased towards people that pay to get placement
3. People – the best way to get unfiltered reviews but only if you travel in the same circles

Burrp! has taken #3 and put some structure around it and making it accessible to a large audience of people. Their only competition might come from TimeOut Mumbai who might build up their web presence and add something similar to Burrp! As Burrp! would say – Upwards and Onwards.

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