Dear Santa

It’s exactly two weeks away from Christmas and I’m just starting to put my wish list together, i know it’s very last minute, but as you know a bunch of stuff is happening right now, including me getting married in those two weeks. Anyways, onto my wish list in no particular order:
– New Camaro – please give GM the balls to green light the Camaro project. If GM is wondering why it’s on the verge of bankruptcy and Kirk Kerkorian has bailed, it’s because you guys make crappy cars. Give me a Chevy with a driver side air bag right now, and I’d gladly drive it into a brick wall with zero remorse.
– Firefox for the masses – If I have to hear another person complain about Internet Explorer and pop-up ads, I’m gonna jump on that persons PC, drop down to a DOS prompt and “Format c:” the PC
– Wide screen video iPod – Dear Steve, please release the highly rumored wide screen video iPod. If not during Christmas then at least at Macworld San Francisco (Jan 8, 2007)
– WordPress v2.1 – This blog is in serious need of an overhaul and I’m just waiting for the crew at WordPress to release 2.1.

That’s about it, have a Merry Christmas. One of my favorite “Dear Santa” letters is here, makes me cry every time I read it.

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