Calling between the US and India?

logo_airtel.jpgThe rates for calling between these two countries is so low, that in most instances it’s cheaper to call India from the US then to another state. The rates dropped again as of April 1, however only the wireless carriers have updated their rates.

When calling from the US to India you have several options:
Reliance India Call at 7.9 cents/minute (old rate)
Airtel CallHome at 7.9 cents/minute (old rate)
Skype around 13-15 cents/minute
Wireless carriers – forget it their pricing model are from the 80’s

The real fun is when calling from India to the US:
Skype at 2.1 cents/minute
Land line at Rs 7.20/minute (old rate)
Hutch calling cards at Rs. 4.50/minute (old rate)
Wireless carriers (such as Airtel) at Rs. 6.40/minute (new rate)

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