Back Home

c_class.pngFor the past 10 days I’ve been on American soil and hence the chirping crickets on this blog. I’m back for several reasons: business, personal and what I like to call “damn it feels good to be here.” List of things I’ve done so far:

– Visited the Apple Store on 5th Ave in NYC 4 times
– Mexican food – 3 times
– Watched the reality show “Blind Date” for several hours, I love it because most of it was filmed in LA
– Bought the iPhone
– Drove around the highways of DC, with the windows down – nothing beats fresh air
– Visited the Apple Store at Montgomery Mall
– Checked out the new Mercedes C class
– Wandered aimlessly through BestBuy

Yeah, it feels great to be back and I guess I will always consider the US my home. Just like my dad after living in the States for 35 years still calls India home. It’s really great to see the family and just hang out as well.

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