Leopard Rocks

It’s been 2 months since Apple came out with the latest version of it’s operating system 10.5 (aka Leopard). I finally installed it last week and can say it was worth it. I initially was going to upgrade my system by having Leopard install over my existing OS, but at the last minute decided to do a fresh install which formats the hard drive and starts from scratch. Although I religiously back up my data, I wasn’t sure how everything would transfer over under Leopard. All my iTunes playlists were intacts, as were my pictures in iPhoto. By installing Leopard from scratch it allowed me to re-evalute what programs to install. I got rid of Adium, as I now use iChat 4.0. For FTP I ditched Fetch for Cyberduck. I use Time Machine over ChronoSync for backups.

The biggest feature that I love the most is “Stacks” which give you quick access to folders from the Dock. I tried using Spaces but realize i don’t need virtual desktops. Time Machine is a god send for backing up data, there aren’t too many options to the program and that is what makes it great. iChat now can connect the Gmail users. QuickLook allows you to view documents (such as Word, Excel, PDF’s, etc…) like you do in iTunes Coverflow.

Overall the initial hassle of setting up and tweaking every program was well worth it. Can’t wait for 10.6.

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