My New Yoga Instructor

After my recent vacation I’m now pushing maximum density (borrowed from the Breakfast Club) and decided to try something new. Even before the trip I’d been looking to start yoga classes and have been dragging my feet. Then I heard about the Wii Fit and thought it might be cool. After actually seeing the launch of the Wii Fit in NYC on May 19, I decided I would buy it and see how it goes.  

However, that was easier said then done.  I stood in line for an hour at Best Buy to buy the Wii Fit and my dad stood in line at Toys R Us for the Wii. After getting it to Bombay and using it for the past week it’s pretty damn cool. It has a bunch of yoga positions and strength training exercises. The yoga exercises are really good because the Wii Fit balance board checks your center of balance and let’s you know if you are doing them correctly. It’s no substitute for a gym but a great way todo some activity if you are feeling to lazy to head to the gym.

I’ve decided to publicly keep track of my weight and BMI as reported by Wii on the right side of this blog.  I need to get my a#$@# in shape if I really want to run the Mumbai Marathon in Jan 2009.


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