Carriers love the iPhone

A couple days ago I was called an iHole – someone who can’t stop talking about their iPhone.  Well it continues…By now I’m sure you’ve been slammed with iPhone coverage and heard the latest version is being released on July 11. People love the iPhone because the interface is so natural, it doesn’t ship with a 60 page manual b/c it’s just that easy to use.  

The latest phone has two big things going for it: GPS and AppStore.  Let’s take AppStore first, it has an easy to use interface to select and download programs to the iPhone platform.  I had a CrapBerry for 3 years and never downloaded any programs to the phone for 2 reasons: not many developers on that platform and more importantly no easy way to get programs on the phone.  With GPS the whole location based services market will grow exponentially.  Yes, Nokia has GPS on some of their phones but only a handful of applications were taking advantage of it. Once the iPhone started talking about it tons of developers jumped on the location based services bandwagon. An example of a great restaurant app from Urbanspoon.

iPhone has changed the game and the carriers love it and will probably do whatever they can to switch CrapBerry users to the iPhone platform.  Imagine you are a carrier today and have a CrapBerry user that is paying USD 30/month for the service and part of that goes to Research in Motion.  Now, if that user switches to an iPhone the carrier gets the full amount and even willing to charge less for the data plan since the carrier gets the whole enchilada…genius.

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