Ferrari Friday

The last two weeks have been mentally, physically and financially draining:
Mentally –  thinking of all the permutations and outcomes is tasking
Physically – checking the markets every 3-4 hours means I’ve gotten very little continuous sleep
Financially – watching your 401(k) go down the toilet is no fun 

Enough of all that non-sense, let’s talk about Ferrari’s…The highly anticipated Ferrari California had a sneak peak in Los Angeles and Maranello on September 22 (I believe Wall Street was melting down) and the car is really sweeeeeet looking. The official launch was yesterday at the Paris Auto Show.

A couple of my friends sent me some random pics of Ferrari’s (I request if you have any please forward them to me). The first 3 pics were taken at Tokyo’s Narita Airport – 430 Modena. The fourth picture is a swarm of Ferrari’s, my only question who invited the piker with the Porsche to the party?

(hat tip to Pankaj C. and P. Nath for the pics)

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