From Selma to 1600 Pennsylvania

I really didn’t think much about Barack being a black presidential candidate, but after seeing Jesse Jackson cry during Barack’s victory speech it really drove home the point that change was in the air.  To think that during the 60’s blacks were segregated and then a little over 40 years later, Barack is voted into arguably the most powerful position in the world…that is a hugh leap forward.

I hope he can steer the ship in the right direction and not give into party politics. Transparency should be central to whatever he does (to a degree of course), the Bush administration failed and even with the USD 700 billion they screwed up.  Many of the public documents describing how things would get done were blacked out when it came to compensation…that is totally ridiculous, taxpayer money is at stake and we should know down to the penny who is getting paid and how much.  Barack should make it mandatory that any entity requesting money from any Federal bailout program should have the companies top officials make their tax returns publicly available. If companies want the Fed to “show them the money”, I think it’s fair for the taxpayers to say “show me your tax returns.”

Change is here and on the web at

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