Personal Analytics

Ever wonder how much TV you watch, what are the most frequently watched programs, who do you call the most or when do you make most of your calls? Maybe I’m unique, but I’m surprised with all the technology I have no clear answers to those 4 questions.

We might have the social graph via Facebook, but what about the personal graph or personal analytics. I believe over the next 2 years we will have access to our TV viewing habits and telephone call log being sliced and diced by the most unlikely of sources.

With the introduction of Google TV, I can see them tracking (with permission) all my viewing habits and then making recommendations. Something similar to what Netflix does for movies. Then you can measure what you are viewing and scale up or scale down the viewing. The futuristic vision of 500 channels never quite happened but have access to over 100 channels is bad enough and something like Google TV would revolutionize the way we watch TV.

But, more interesting for me is my phone bill. For years, I would look at the printed bill and think what a waste of paper. They really should have had a one page summary with charts showing your top talkers, time of day graphs, etc. Since the carriers controlled the data they just didn’t care to really offer this. With the introduction of smart phones I can see an app sitting on the iPhone or Android and harvesting my call logs and then spitting out daily/weekly/monthly reports depending on what I want to track.

For me, the ultimate would be an app that would look at my “Top 10” callers for the week and create a “favorites” list on the fly. Truly personal.


  1. Thanks for the great idea! I'm going to start a company that does this. Dont worry I'll give you a free account in return for the idea 😉

  2. I looked into it about a year ago and it appears the API for the iPhone does not allow access to call logs. But, I'm assuming on Android phones you have full access.

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