A Legend – Steve

Steve’s demise was bound to happen, but knowing what he had done in the past I figured he could dodge another bullet. Starting a company, getting kicked out and then coming back and kicking ass. In between all that drama he started a couple more companies and in the process became the largest shareholder in Disney.

While most of us fail to leave a mark on anything this guy left his mark on many markets – personal computing (Macintosh), animation (Pixar), music (iPod & iTunes), phones (iPhone) and mobile computing (iPad). I mean what the f!@#$…brilliant.

I remember when I saw my first Apple Computer and first NeXT computer, I was blown away by the interface. At that time, I was hacking away on an IBM PC with a 1200 baud Hayes modem while screwing around with MS-DOS commands.  The Macintosh user interface just seemed so natural to use…simplicity.

P.S. The title of this post was going to be just a placeholder till I finished the post. However, the draft title says it all.

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