Moving from iOS to Android…


Every 6 months I’ll go through the motions of proclaiming that I’m dumping iOS in favor of Android. I’ll complain about how the pricing delta between a top Android phone and the latest hotness from Apple is increasing. Then, I’ll write down a list of things I use on my iPhone and try and map it to the Android ecosystem.

4 years ago is the first time I said I was going to dump iOS and shack up with Android. Back then when I made my list, Apple supposedly had the perfect ecosystem where everything worked in harmony whereas Android was like your crazy cousin that lived in a trailer park – scary. But over the years Android got its act together and now is on par with the Apple ecosystem…yes, hell has frozen over for this die hard Apple fanboi.

It might seem scary when moving to a different platform but today it’s very easy. There are really 4 things to think about when moving from iOS to Android and vice versa:

  1. Data – email, address book, calendars, reminders, photos, videos, etc…
  2. Apps – Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, etc..
  3. Cloud Service – Your data is getting backed up to a cloud service (you are doing this right?)
  4. Content Streaming – More and more people want to stream content from their phone to a TV

Everyone knows about number 1 and 2.  But, most people fail to backup their data and then complain when their phone dies or gets stolen, there really is no excuse except you are stupid. Content streaming was a deal breaker for me but with the introduction of the Nexus Player a complete Android ecosystem is now in place. Most people won’t or don’t care about streaming but as we take more pictures and videos it’s much easier to view the content on a big screen.

Does this all seem a bit too much? Don’t worry, I created a PDF guide that shows what things you need to consider when jumping from one platform to another. Instead of me making that list every 6 months, I just decided to create the PDF and share it with everyone as my Christmas gift to you!

So, when will I actually move over to Android? I’m hoping 2015 brings a slew of slick phones from the Android ecosystem. I’ve got my eyes on Obi Mobiles, which is the company started by ex-Apple CEO John Sculley. The rumor mill suggests they are working on some phone designs that can compete head to head with the iPhone.

Happy Holidays!

Download the PDF guide

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