Jio and the Video Revolution


reliance-jio-logo-redIt seems like just yesterday when I would come home late and the building security would all be sound asleep. Now when I roll-up at night many of them have their faces partially lit because of their mobile phone screens. Invariably, 99% of them are watching some Bollywood movie, TV show or music program.

There is only one person to thank for this – Mukesh Ambani. Overnight he changed the mobile telecommunications game and dropped boatloads of bandwidth on unsuspecting consumers. At first, people were apprehensive but once they realized it was truly free they started exploring and ultimately found YouTube. A friend of mine works for a fairly large internet exchange point (IXP) and he said the two websites that have benefitted the most from Jio’s explosive growth are Facebook and YouTube.

Even I have changed my internet usage patterns from reading reviews on cars and gadgets to instead watching these reviews on YouTube. One of my favorite Vloggers (video bloggers) for cars is Seen Through Glass. He is witty, loves cars and is generally a treat to watch as he drives some of the most insane cars in the world. In his latest video he is driving around in a Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition (one of 50 in the world).

YouTube is not the only beneficiary, all the online streaming players are having a field day as well – Amazon Prime, Netflix and YuppTV to name a few.

Of course, Mukesh Ambani wants everyone to stream the content from his services such as JioTV and JioMusic but that’s the beauty of these OTT (over the top) services like YouTube…you can access them from any high speed internet connection.


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