A Stroll Along Altamount Road

I’ve always had a love affair with Altamount Road. My love for music was formed while spending many weeks during the summer months with a good friend, Apurva Shah, who lived in Prithivi Apartments on Altamount Road. We spent most of our waking hours at Melody which was a mixtape shop where I believe the Payal Singhal boutique shop is now located. Never in a million years did I ever expect to move to from the US to Bombay and end up running on that road almost daily.

Altamount Road and Carmichael Road are one continuous road that spans about 2 kilometers. Altamount Road is officially named S. K. Barodawalla Marg but nobody calls it that. Likewise, Carmichael Road is officially named M.L. Dahanukar Marg but again no one calls it that. Since I run on this road everyday, I thought it might make a good blog post to talk about some of the new residential buildings that are coming up in the area.

As of 2021, there are 6 residential building that are in construction mode or almost complete. We will start the tour from the northern part of Carmichael Road and go south till we get to the end of Altamount Road near Kemps Corner. The 6 buildings are:

  1. Morena House
  2. Alhambra House
  3. Carmichael Residences
  4. Arkade Rise
  5. Lodha Altamount
  6. Altimo
Morena House, Alhambra House and Carmichael Residences
Arkade Rise, Lodha Altamount and Altimo

1. Morena House

Morena House is a project from JSW Realty, which is a division of the O.P. Jindal Group. I’ve been taking pictures of this site since they tore down the old building. The rumor was that Sajjan Jindal bought the property to build his own personal home on the land but that idea was nixxed in favor of building a high-rise tower on the land.

2. Alhambra House

This building used to be owned by Hindustan Lever (HUL) for the use of its top executives. Like many other HUL properties it was sold. Recently, the building was in the press because the top floor duplex was sold to a family connected to Asian Paints for over Rs. 95 Cr. for 6,374 sq. ft. which comes to Rs. 1.49 lakhs a square foot. It’s probably one of the most expensive property deals to ever take place.

3. Carmichael Residences

This is my personal favorite of all the new buildings coming up in the area. It just looks amazing and has some very clean lines. The building is a joint venture between KBK Group and Peninsula Land. It was designed by SOM, which explains why it looks so great since SOM is one of the largest architectural firms in the world.

One person that must hate this building is Kumar Mangalam Birla who lives directly opposite Carmichael Residences. Once this building is 100% occupied there will be cars coming and going all day just across from his residential home.

4. Arkade Rise

This building is technically on Carmichael Road but many confuse it and call it Altamount Road. It’s a tall slender building built by the Arkade Group.

I recently took some pictures of the building and in one of them a Ford Mustang photobombed the shot!

5. Lodha Altamount

The marquee property of the Lodha Group (aka Macrotech Developers) is Lodha Altamount. It’s pretty much completed but very low occupancy at the moment so I decided to include it in the list. Previously on the site was the US Embassy’s housing quarters called Washington House. It’s also right across the street from Mukesh Ambani’s house called Antilia.

The 43 floor structure is all glass which means you get to run your HVAC system 24 hours a day, lucky you! A couple of years ago when Lodha was marketing the building they had reached out to me to purchase the domain name altamount.com which I own. They wanted to give each residence an email address with @altamount.com and a postal address of Altamount Road. I politely declined.

6. Altimo by Rohan Lifescapes

Altimo is located right at the beginning of Altamount Road and is being built by Rohan Lifescapes.

The building is more than 30 stories tall and will have 19 flats total, some will be duplexes but a majority will be a single flat per floor. The other floors will be used for parking, shared spaces and refuge floors. What is puzzling is the plot size is 540 square meters which is about 5,812 square feet so how does the FSI work in this case for a 30+ story building?

To get more information on any of these projects you can visit the MahaRERA website and enter the project registration number.

  • Altimo by Rohan Lifescapes – P51900009427
  • Lodha Altamount – Already constructed
  • Arkade Rise – P51900015795
  • Carmichael Residences – P51900001442
  • Alhambra House – None, which leads me to believe this entire building is being used by Asian Paints
  • Morena House – P51900019893

Yes Bank, No Property

There are a couple more properties worth discussing. One of the more interesting properties on Altamount Road that will be stuck in litigation hell for years to come is the building that Rana Kapoor bought in May 2013 for Rs. 128 Cr. called Kursheed Abad.

It’s located next to Lodha Altamount and Antilia, it’s a two-storey residential building containing six flats with a built-up area of 14,811 square feet, which used to be owned by Citibank and GlaxoSmithKline for their executives. Currently, the building sits empty and just outside the building is a hoard of police for Ambani’s Z-level security detail.

Kusheed Abad

And lastly, there is another new building coming up near Kursheed Abad. The previous building was completely razed in November 2020 and currently the site is a dirt pile.

I’m sure in the coming years there will be a couple more high-rise towers coming up, since there are several more abandon properties that at some point will get monetized.

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