A day late, a dollar short

After being glued to the TV for the past several days, it seems clear the relief effort is slow in coming to New Orleans and other affected areas. It doesn’t help that the president was still in Crawford, Texas on vacation, or maybe he was just heeding the mandatory evacutions imposed on New Orleans and thus stayed away. Anyways, we can send over 100,000 troops halfway around the world at the drop of a hat…my bad I mean we did go to find weapons of mass destruction and liberate the Iraqi people. However, we can’t scrap together 5,000 troops/national guards to head to New Orleans within hours of the hurricane’s passing?
Quotes from the newswires:
Col. Terry Ebbert, director of homeland security for New Orleans, “It’s criminal within the confines of the United States that within one hour of the hurricane they weren’t force-feeding us. It’s like FEMA has never been to a hurricane.” Charles B. Rangel, the senior Democratic congressman from New York City, “I assume the president’s going to say he got bad intelligence.” Tourist Debbie Durso of Washington, Mich., said she asked a police officer for assistance and his response was, “‘Go to hell – it’s every man for himself.'”

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