DHS = Dept. of Hurricane Screw-ups

I’ve always said even the poorest person in America is better off then a poor person in India. Well, i take that back after seeing the images from New Orleans, it’s clear some of these 3rd world countries have it much better then the folks stuck in New Orleans. The looting and lawlessness is unreal, compare it to Bombay, India which just got through some of the worst rains and floods ever. There was no massive looting even though most of the people in Bombay ARE below the poverty level, people were just trying to make it through the ordeal and get back to living a normal life. In New Orleans after the hurricane passed it just went straight into chaos. And no one seemed to do anything about it. Even today, after 5 days there doesn’t really seem to be the presence of the supposed 40,000 National Guard troops that were called in. To add insult to injury, there was a report titled “The Big One”, explaning what would happen if a hurricane like Katrina were to hit New Orleans. Click for info

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