Name the 2nd largest airliner?

logo_fedex.pngYeah, I was shocked to find out that the 2nd largest airliner in the world doesn’t even fly passengers. Explains how they really can absolutely, positively deliver a package anywhere in the world. FedEx was started by Fred Smith who wrote a half baked business plan at Yale about a business that might compete against the US Post Office. Everyone doubted that he could actually compete against the government, but he focused more on the high end business clients and not the junk mail category. In fact today the US Postal Service is one of FedEx’s largest clients. The top 10 fleet sizes are:

1. American Airlines – 685 planes
2. FedEx – 670
3. Lufthansa – 534
4. Northwest Airlines – 513
5. Southwest Airlines – 477
6. Delta – 470
7. United – 460
8. SkyWest – 400
9. Air France-KLM – 397
10. Continental Airlines – 366

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