Indian property report

clsa_property_jan_07_page_0.pngCLSA has come out with it’s latest report on India and this one is focused on the boom in real estate. The research reports issued by CLSA have been my favorite as they seem to add more depth then the typical “everything is great” reports issued by other research firms. The first half of the report is really useful as it talks about the key drivers for the boom and the potential reason for it to continue. The latter half deals with the stocks they recommend, I personally think many of these developers are just jumping on the real estate trend and have nothing to really offer. Many of them will advertise they have thousands of acres in their “land bank.” However, don’t confuse land bank with actually owning the land, which is what most of them try to do when raising money from retail investors.

Anyways, the report is concise and makes you wish you had bought property in India in 1999/2000 during the lows of the Indian real estate market and the highs of the US dot com.

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