5 must have apps for the Mac

It’s been awhile since I’ve last talked about some of the applications I use on my Mac (last time was in Dec 05). A lot of the big names such as Toast and Mac Office get all the attention, but the Mac community has some damn good programmers who produce some amazing programs albeit without all the fanfare.

Xtorrent is one of the best looking torrent clients today, in addition it works very seamless with torrent files. Although, the developer David Watanabe seems to create a lot of controversy, his programs are cleanly written and look great. I used a couple other programs such as Transmission, BitRocket and Acquistion but Xtorrent is the current king in my book for downloading bit torrent files.

Adium – Instant Messaging software that connects to all the major IM networks

Galerie – Export pictures from iPhoto to an HTML based photo gallery an example

Skype – A great VoIP client that just seems to get better and better

World Clock Deluxe – If you are a globe-trotter then this program is a must have

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