iPhone's disruptive interface

iphone_coming.pngWe are less than a week away from the iPhone being released into the wild and the suspense is building. However, since I’m in India there is no chance of getting the phone from my local Apple dealer. But, that just shows how big this launch is. I downloaded a 175mb file from Apple which guides you through the iPhone features and interface and to say the least it’s amazing. Other cell phone makes such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson and Motorola should be ashamed as their user interfaces have been pathetic for years and we’ve lived with it.

The iPhone shows what Steve and Company are good it…disruptive interfaces. The first Mac’s introduced the concept of windows and a graphical user interface. Then the iPod/iTunes combo changed the music industry and made the process of buying songs over the internet as easy as a click. Finally, the iPhone will change the user’s expectation of what a phone interface should be when it is released on June 29th. The next thing they should work on would be a better TV interface…oh wait it’s called Apple TV.

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