Microsoft bids for Yahoo

microsoft_yahoo.gif Many people are wondering what the name of the new company will be if the deal goes through…in reality who cares. MSFT has a market cap of USD 280 billion, I’m pretty sure Ballmer ain’t changing the name.

What’s more interesting is the rise and fall of YHOO. During the dot com bubble everyone was falling over themselves to partner with the 2GFS (2 Guys From Stanford) company. They were the kings at the time, they invented the internet search space. Much was written about Yang and Filo having business cards reading “Chief Yahoo!” However after the bubble burst they have been on a constant decline, mainly attributed to Google.

Yahoo stock has vaporized over 90% of its value since it peaked in 2000. If anything comes from this deal is that Google should watch out and not stumble and fumble as badly as Yahoo has. Right now Page and Brin are the 2GFS company everyone is talking about, similar to Yahoo in 2000.

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