Paris washing down a Bentley Arnage

If you didn’t hear about the uproar over this commercial then you would have zero clue as to what they are trying to sell until the last 3 seconds. Granted I love Paris, but my god if any chick ever got on top of my car and a Bentley Arnage no less, I would kick that chick to the curb so fast she wouldn’t know what to do. Don’t care how hot you are, keep your friggin’ paws off the car and eat your burger in a restaurant. Link to the Spicy BBQ website

Absolut…Indo Style

Absolut has created “Mulit” a tongue-in-cheek branded content piece with ’70s Bollywood flair. “Mulit” is a musical love story about a man, a woman and an unfinished haircut that transcends class structures, fashion trends and bad hair. Without such roots, phrases like the ‘short-long’, ‘hockey hair’ and ‘work in front, party in back’ would be meaningless and ’80s rock would still be searching for a signature style.

click here for trailer clip (3.3mb, quicktime)
click here for the full blown Absolut “Mulit” website

Clip from Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien

One of the funniest clips I’ve seen on the Conan show in a long time. This is from the Sept 21, 2004 show, it follows one of the writers of the show as he gets help from the Tech Support folks…who are based in India. Windoze users will need the following DivX plugin to play in Windows Media Player. Apple users will need to get a program that can view DivX files.

Conan Tech Support clip (35mb, DivX format, 8:12 minutes)