India: Day 3

I finally got some time to write about my travels to India. I landed into Mumbai on Monday night and the last two days have been slammed with work. Getting to India took forever, a total of 36 hours door to door. This was my first time flying into Kuala Lumpur and it was a pretty nice airport. On my way back to the US on July 22, I will have some time in Kuala Lumpur and will be able to checkout the tallest building in the world – The Petronas Towers. You know you are in India the second they open the airplane door and the rush of humid air with the Indian “scent” fills the cabin. On the taxi ride to my cousins place, you just can’t help but try and reason the deep desparity between the poor you see on the streets and the amount of money coming into the Indian economy. But, enough of that. The monsoon have not been as bad as I thought, I thought it would be hours and hours of rain, but instead it’s brief 10-15 minute rains then it stops. But damn, the roads are bad to begin with and with the rains it’s even worse. I’m surprised not everyone owns an SUV here, if their is any place you need an SUV this is it, not some nice and shiny E-class benz or Lexus LS430. Hopefully, my next post will talk about the Bombay nightlife, I’m on the verge of overcoming my jet lag.

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