Cisco Systems earnings call wrap-up

On Tuesday Aug 9, Cisco announced it latest earnings for Q4 and Fiscal Year 05 (FY05). It was Cisco’s 62nd conference call. Although, Cisco rarely comments on rumors, John Chambers did address the Nokia merger rumors as false. The merger would go against what Cisco internally has always said, never buy a company of equals (this was the Cisco/StrataCom merger, which some say was a failure) and IF IT is a merger of equals don’t buy one that is clear across the country or for that matter in another country.
– Q4 FY05 & Year End
– 62nd conf. call summary (Aug.9.2005)
– Q4 Revenue: $6.6b
– FY05 Revenue: $24.8b
– Q4 Operating Cash Flow: $2.4b
– FY05 Operating Cash Flow: $7.6b
– Q4 Net income $1.5b (GAAP); $1.6b (Pro Forma)
– FY05 Net income $5.7b (GAAP); $6.1b (Pro Forma)
– Q4 EPS:$0.24 (GAAP); $0.25 (Pro Forma)
– FY05 EPS:$0.62 (GAAP); $0.76 (Pro Forma)
– 67.9% Total Gross Margins
– $16.1b in Cash and Investments
– Headcount: 38,413
– OpEx is 35.9%
– Repurchased 130 million shares @ average price of $19.14 for an aggregate purchase price of $2.5 billion.
– As of July 30, 2005, Cisco had repurchased and retired 1.5 billion shares of Cisco common stock at an average price of $18.15 per share for an aggregate purchase price of approximately $27.2 billion since the inception of the stock repurchase program.
– During Q4 completed the acquisitions of FineGround Networks, Inc., M.I. Secure Corporation, NetSift, Inc., Sipura Technology, Inc., Topspin Communications, Inc. and Vihana, Inc.

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