Street Stalls = 5, Getting Sick = 0

Street Stalls = 5, Getting Sick = 0
Yes, I ventured out to the street stalls to eat some of India’s best tasting foods such as pani puri. So far so good. Planning to run the Mumbai Marathon on January 15th not the full blown 42km but the half marathon at 21km. wish me luck. While growing up, my parents and others would say “look both ways before crossing the street.” In India that doesn’t work, so instead I make sure there are at least 5-10 people between me and the oncoming traffic. This way if a car decides not to stop at a traffic signal then at least i won’t get hit. Yup, I’ve been in Bombay for 3 months now and the time has just flown by. I’ve picked up on some of the local lingo, below are some of the terms and usage:

shattered – a night of heavy drinking and/or partying – “we were at Enigma last night and got shattered”
fuckall – bad or useless – “The food at Vaishali’s was fuckall”
rockin’ man – great time – “We were at Seijo last night and it was rockin’ man”
time pass – killing time or general non-sense – “I was at Barista and just doing time pass there”

The funniest saying I’ve encountered is in the business setting and that is “do the needful.” It’s a way to say, “do what I have asked for in the e-mail.” I can’t say this is a British thing, because I’ve worked with British firms and they never end their e-mails with that saying, so I can only assume its an Indian thing.

Have a great Happy New Year!!!!

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