Indian Entrepreneurs

One of the issues I have with the Indian media is they focus so much attention on a select few that many of the great success stories never get heard. The following PDF does have the usual suspects such as Ambani, Bajaj, etc…But, also covers: – Ekta Kapoor, a television producer/writer who single handedly turned around her father’s company (Balaji Telefilms) and changed the landscape of TV shows in India – Kishore Biyani of Pantaloons who is currently the leader in the Indian retail revolution – Jignesh Shah of Financial Technologies, they are riding the equities boom via their trading platform. If you trade Indian equities or commodities then you’re probably using there program called ODIN to trade. In addition, Financial Technologies is a backer of India’s largest commodity exchange the MCX (multi commodity exchange), which just announced plans to IPO very soon Although the PDF may seem large at 144 pages, it’s broken up in sections for each individual and very easy reading. A must read if you are planning to do business in India. download [pdf, 144 pages, 1.7mb]

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